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Treats that Dogs love

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Dogs are men`s best friend and when they make you happy you give them treat. Dogs enjoy getting treats and let`s be honest we also enjoy giving them their favorite snacks. Dogs are so cute and they get all excited by hearing the sound of the packet of their favorite treat. They start wagging their tail, making cheerful noises and start running with excitement, waiting for you to give them their snack.

If you give your dog snacks frequently then, the point of `giving treat` will vanish with frequent snacking. Professionals advise to give your dog his treat in moderation and it should be less than 10 percent of the total calorie intake of your dog.

Q. What snacks can dogs eat?

Dogs can eat all type of snacks wet or dry but one should be careful and check the following things before giving any supper to his cuddly one.

·         Label:

Before giving any snack to your pet read the label that it is particularly their food. Read all the ingredients and be cautious of any dog allergy your canine companion might have.

·         Natural Ingredients:

Make sure that the treat your dearly one is getting is natural and organic so that it may not cause any side effects in future. The artificial colors and flavors are not very good for your pet.

·         Customize treats for your dogs:

Your dog may have a life style and there will be some particular things he eats and does not eat. Make sure that the snacks you are giving him do not have any ingredient which are harmful for your pet. You can even customize your dog`s supper by keeping in mind their allergies.

·         Measure their Weight:

Dogs above the weight of 54Kgs are considered obese like human beings and treating them excessively can be a reason for it as well. You should give your canine partner light meals in a moderate way and count the calories you are giving him per day. It will help your dog maintain a healthy weight.

·         Check with the Veteran:

Before giving any new treat to your pet get it checked with your dog`s veteran. The professionals could only tell if there is some ingredient present in the meal which is bad for your dearly one or not. Also, there are some treats which can be fruitful for your dog`s deficiencies of minerals and vitamins.

Fruits and Vegetables as a Treat:

Healthy snacking is always the best option for human beings and animals both. If you make your pet habitual of eating fruits and vegetables than their favorite fruit could be a treat for them. Do a proper research or consult with the veteran before giving fruits and vegetables to your canine companion because some fruits and vegetables have compounds which are good for human beings but harmful for dogs.

If you want to give apples to your pet, cut them in small pieces and remove the seeds. The seeds of apple contain a chemical named cyanide which is extremely poisonous for dogs in large amounts. Broccoli could be given too as a snack but excessive intake can cause digestive problems in your dogs as it contains a compound which can be harmful for digestive track of dogs if taken in large portions. Never give your dog raisins and grapes as there is a poisonous compound in it which is extremely harmful for them. Avoid giving avocados too because it also has a toxic element in it for your cuddle partner.

Puppies should be given soft treats as their teeth are growing. Try to give natural snacks and avoid any preservatives as they can be bad for puppy`s tummy. Bite sized and lighter meal is preferred for your puppy`s small mouth and sensitive intestines.

Cat`s Treats:

Cats are easy to feed and their snacks can be made by simple ingredients at home. There is no need to buy expensive supper for your cat. If you want to know the recipes which you can make for your cat as her treat then, read on:

·         Iced Tuna:

Take an ice cube try and fill it with some tuna and water, freeze it for some hours and then give it to your cat after a trip from park. It will be your cat`s icy treat for summers.

·         Meow Ice cream:

Frozen yogurt and lactose free ice cream are great for your furry one. Ask your pet`s veteran before giving her the frozen yogurt as the organic yogurt does not contain sugar which can be bad for your kitty.

·         Ice:

Cats love ice so giving your cat some ice cubes could be the cheapest and easiest treat you could ever give to them. It will be source of hydration and fun for them. They will be entertained by the little ice cube slipping here and there on the floor.

·         Icy Cat Food:

Wet cat food is expensive and they are obsessed with it. In order to save it for longer, freeze the wet food and give them as a treat in small portions.

Final Word:

Cats and Dogs both are human friendly and enjoy getting treats. One thing which should be consulted before giving them any snack is the health condition of your pet. Don`t make them habitual of daily snacking and excessive treating because it can be bad for their health. Otherwise, it`s fun to give your dearly ones their favorite thing to eat and enjoy.