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Why Turkey Is the New Favorite Tourist Destination

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Today we are in a world with new normal post the advent, highs and lows of Covid-19. After a hiatus, travel is finally coming back. After lockdowns and pandemic chaos, we all deserve to revel in the travel. Travel is fun yet can be overwhelming, but here are the reasons why people around the world choose one of the most popular destination, Turkey.

At the crossroads of Asia and Europe, the country is an amalgamation where modernity coincides culture and history, nature and urban life both can be amusing at the same time. Travelers have a never-ending `things-to-do-list`. You can visit the country all year round, to see fall, snowfall to pleasing spring to summers. Enjoy the exotic resorts, famous cave hotels, scenic beaches, or relish succulent baklava delicacy at the world famous Taksim square, the options are unlimited and what better way than to fly Emirates.  Emirates have regular flights that land at both Istanbul Airport Europe and Sabiha Gokcen Airport Asia. Whether it`s a long haul or a short, you`re sure to enjoy your inflight-time in comfort, with delicious food, assorted beverage service at par. Premium flying experience, with comfy seats are an absolute win especially when you`re with kids or older members, while having lots of entertainment options, offering a variety of channels, to keep adults and kids entertained, along with toys, games and meal for kids. Special seating is provided to families and passengers with infants. There is minimum to no baggage loss. While you have the best flying experience with Emirates, you`re sure to enjoy the destination as well.

Must Visit Places in Turkey


The splendid city has multi-cultural landmarks, historical influence. Old Istanbul, filled with places to explore, we recommend you not to miss exploring the glorious historical Ottoman and Byzantine landmarks like Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, and Hippodrome.

The underground Basilica Cistern building is a marvel. For history buffs the museums have multi-civilization artefacts just a short walk away from Topkapi. End your old city tour with Grand Bazaar tour where old style shops, laden with aromatic spices, lanterns, scarves, souvenirs, dry fruits, sweets. The Ottoman Dolmabahce Palace is the largest palace in Turkey where Sultans resided is a site to gaze.

Taksim Square, has a historic and political importance but it is now a location for spectacular celebrations and crowds like New Year`s Eve along with parades etc. Tram passing by amidst local food shops, and hotels is treat to watch, paves its way into Istiklal Street lined with shops, cafes, bars, music and clubs, where night life lovers can enjoy to the fullest.


A rocky, relatively dry terrain but a site worth visiting once in a lifetime. It has got magical fairy chimneys formed due to volcanic eruptions, mountains, cave hotels and hot air balloon rides, we all long to take.  It`s small and not at all modern like big cities but it has its own charm, with history and activities you can only experience there. Watch scenic views of Cappadocia at sunrise/sunset in hot air balloon is the best experience.

Pigeon valley, Goreme open museum, underground city are definitely worth visiting sites to watch nature and historic wunderkinds. Enjoy quad biking, horse riding on rough terrains. Experience Turkish cuisine made with local ingredients and meet welcoming locals.


Uzungol is a lake in the beautiful mountainous valley with a village along the coast, in Trabzon zone. Souvenir shops, cafes, hotels making it a touristy place. Uzungol swing has become a hot favorite where people pose, click and make memories against the gorgeous views. Uzungol`s observation deck requires taking lots of steps but the view from there is worth all that excursion. It is nature` beauty at its best.


Pamukkale means `cotton castle` is blessed with naturally molded water basins amidst calcium bicarbonate deposits, giving a snowy white scene, is actually spectacular. Thousands of people flock in to witness this nature`s wonderland and for all the right reasons. The water is hot and is said to have healing wonders to cure health problems. Believe it or not but make sure you at least experience the water barefoot or on your hands if not on the whole body.


Gifted with so many beaches and coastline tourists and locals cruise in boats, and ships to enjoy the scenic views and is a port city. The coastline makes perfect picnic spots for families, and tourists alike, along with exotic resorts. Antalya`s old town is a walk back in time, architecture with cobblestone.  An old style fortress gate and clock tower and Tekkeli Mehmet Pasa Mosque, are major attractions. Upper Duden waterfalls is a place with all the tropical feels, cool shades, water gushing downwards both soothes ears and eyes.