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Why Canadians Choose Chefs Plate

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In a fast-paced world where every dawn comes so quickly, there`s hardly any time left for self-care, workouts, leisure, and slowed-down evenings on weekdays. It`s quite a rut that too in a rush. After work hours, we barely get time for chores, meals, lunch, dinner preps and then back to pre- bedtime nightly routine. 


However, we all this itch to do, if not lots, then at least something of the routine for our (physical, emotional and mental) well-being, and why not? Unfortunately, one of the most neglected parts of our lives is our health. Often times we do not realize the need to cater to our own needs, especially dietary intake, workout, and health maintenance. 


Wholesome food is the key to great health and vitality, and what better way to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the week than having home-cooked hygiene food? Chef`s Plate is the solution to all the chaos and cooking stress of our weeknights. 


What to expect?


A meal prep kit delivery service dedicated to providing quality recipes, ingredients and groceries sufficient to cater a person`s or a family of four, for desired items selected from the menu. Canada`s most special service is trusted by and recommended for all the right reasons. 


Providing premium quality fresh produce and ingredients, along with delicious recipes, make meal prep time convenient while saving you from grocery hassle. Moreover, you can opt for whichever diet style you would like to prefer, as per need through a subscription for however long you decide. The catch is that the meal kit comes with renowned and trusted recipes, making meals ready in just about 30 minutes or so. 


Work Flow Process


Regardless of your location in Canada, meal plans can be accessed through their website. It offers a comprehensive range of meal kits along with subscription plans and menus.


Get Started


Choose a menu plan: Select your weekly menu from the options as per need, which comes with respective recipes, add to your cart, checkout, and done.


  • Quality Ingredients


Your weekly ingredients are ensured to be the freshest and most nutritious when they reach your doorstep, mindfully stored in special cooling insulated pockets. However, it`s always better to mention and specify if you have any allergies or intolerances to certain food ingredients.


  • Easy Cooking


Whether a single serving or for the family, pre-portioned ingredient quantity, right at your arm`s length, makes the cooking process as easy as possible. 




We all get clueless about what to cook or even order at times. Chefs Plate`s huge menu always offers a variety of cuisine that continually varies weekly. Devour (guilt-free) in various items ranging from tempting cheeseburgers and BBQ items to pasta, gravy, sandwiches, lip-smacking chops, bowls, to tacos, in different kinds of meat and vegan-friendly options. 


However, it`s best to cook the meat, especially seafood, earliest whereas other meats stay fresh for around 3-5 days. Their bonus point is that all the menu recipes have their nutritional values, calorie count, cooking steps and time, and kitchen essentials required, and allergens caution are specified on the site, even before you order a menu.


Value against the Money


If you`re a homebody who prefers to go, get your groceries, cook at home from scratch, and aren`t stirred up by takeaways and eat-outs, this might appear a bit expensive service for you. However, this has the perfect value for people who are considerably busier or tend to get lured by the food takeaways and eat out now and then. 


The subscription starts from $8 and can go up to around $12. Moreover, if you consciously intend to ditch that takeaway lifestyle for health, have a time crunch, and conscious monetary mindfulness, this is a great catch for your money. The subscription options to cancel out for some times are easy and manageable without hidden charges. Plus, new subscribers also get a chance to avail a 50 % off on the first order.     


Start a healthy lifestyle with supreme quality natural ingredients at your doorstep, hygienically stored in a temperature-insulated packet, with complete attention to taste, freshness, and wholesomeness at an affordable price against value. Solve your cooking woes with easy and healthy alternatives.