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What Makes Victorinox Special

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Once in your life, you might have come across something called a Swiss army knife. This pocket knife is a tool that might have gotten you out of jams. You thought you would be stuck in for a while. These popular knives are nothing but the production of a popular store known as Victorinox. The store is a globally recognized brand for its quality and innovation in the product it manufactures, i.e., Swiss army knives, Household, professional knives, watches, Travel essentials, and Fragrances. Let`s take a deeper look at what makes each product so special?


Swiss Army Knives


These are small tools packed in a key ring and the most versatile tool one can carry Since it is lightweight, small, and portable. The knives outdid themselves during the second world war and have become the favorite tool for quality handymen. 

The popular army knives are available at different stores, but Victorinox`s huge range of collection, quality, durability, and material reliability is still unmatched. You can opt for cheaper options, but one can not necessarily rely on them to come through on every occasion.


Chef Knives 


Choosing Victorinox for Household and chef knives is a great choice as most of its knives are reliable, Durable, and have won multiple accords in the food community.


The knives stack up against the top-quality knives of the world since they are made of special martensitic steel used for blades and an alloy made of chromium, carbon, and molybdenum, which makes the knives corrosion-free and increases the knife longevity. In contrast, martensitic steel adds to the sharpness of the knives. You can find a huge range of designs and versatile materials for handles and shapes of the knives.




The infamous brand has been in the business of producing watches for about a century now. It has only made it possible because of its products` impeccable quality and durability. It surely makes the list of watch collectors. With every, you do not just get remarkable designs and a beautiful accessory but also get to become part of the legacy that the Company withholds. If your preference for watches is rugged and strong with clean textures, you are in for a surprise with Victorinox watches


Luggage And Accessories


At Victorinox, unlike most quality stores, you can find a huge range of bags and carriers. From small wallets to take care of your cash and cards to impeccably reliable and durable versatile bags. Which are waterproof and can endure huge amounts of tussle.

When it comes to luggage bags, the Company has managed to keep up with the industry`s ever-changing requirements. Each of the travel bags encompasses their iconic USPs i.e., functionality, quality and design.


But where do their great values come from? To deeper understand the victorinox we took a dive into one of their manufacturing units and was amazed to see what the brand has to offer.

The secrets to their quality lies in how the production takes place in Ibach, Switzerland where quality is ensured for every product that makes its way to the market. And we bring you the secrets and the values that have helped the renowned brand to dominate the world industry. Here are the 5 Facts I have managed to gather from various authentic resources.


The Company Values


The Company employs over 1000 employees, and each employee carries a key ring that stimulates the Company`s core values. If employees ever doubt their values, the key rings always end up providing a reminder to employees what they work for.


  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Brave
  • Accountability 
  • Preserve and Pass on Value 
  • Thankful.
  • Unbiased.
  • Their Employees

Every employee that works loves working at the Company. Which is why most of the employees at Victorinox work for at least an average of 30-40 years. The longest-serving employee has been at the Company for the past 55 years and still has no plans to leave the place anytime. I guess they do know how to keep retaining their employees.




The Company holds the health of its employees in great regard, part of the reason why Victorinox has a great employee retention ratio. The Company lets employees interrupt their routine tasks three times. They Can take these breaks at their convenience to stretch and exercise. Due to the introduction of small sports, the organization has seen a significant drop in back-pain problems reported by employees.


Huge Buffer Stock


Even though almost all of the production takes place in Ibah, Switzerland, the Company imports its steel from Spain. Unlike the regular manufacturers, the Company thrives on its steel quality and retains an inventory of over 2.5 years` worth of production material required to produce the popular swiss army knives.


Its Machines and Handwork


Every piece of machinery required to keep the factory running is built in the factory. This is why the Company has a huge mechanical and electrical engineering department.  

Yet there are certain large models which are still produced by hand(110mm). Since the error in mechanical production is too high and the Company aims to deliver quality products to its users.