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Purely diamonds - Where The Smallest Details Count

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Finding the ideal piece of jeweler, such as an engagement ring or a diamond pendant, can be difficult. Particularly when done online. With so many retailers to choose from, how can you be certain that the one you`re buying from is reliable? What exactly qualifies a retailer as trustworthy? It`s a difficult battle that necessitates weighing several factors, including the information available on a retailer`s website and the overall quality of their offerings, among others.

Purely Diamonds is a British family-run company that has been in operation since 1979. They claim to specialize in both the design and manufacture of fine diamond jewelery and are based in London`s Hatton Garden neighborhood. Since its inception, they have supplied many high-end street jewelers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. However, it was not until 2005 that the brand was renamed `Purely Diamonds` and a proper online presence was established.

The main idea they support is to eliminate the middleman in jeweler sales. They sell jewelry `directly to the public at greatly reduced prices, ` which will appeal to a wide range of people.

Because all of their jewelry is made to order, pieces can be designed in the showroom and then made within 10 working days for the majority of items. One advantage of this in-person experience is that they claim their boutique prices are no more expensive than buying online.

Sparkle with their Jewelry

There`s something opulent about a pair of diamond earrings or a gleaming diamond ring. It`s no surprise that diamonds are highly sought after—they`re stunning to look at!

And this brand is no different. The jewelry appears to be of high quality and variety. There is a large selection available, including not only wedding and engagement bands, but also earrings, pendants, and bracelets.

Diamonds for everyone

Their jewelry is for anyone who wants to give someone a precious stone without spending a lot of money. If you intend to propose to your partner or woo them on a special occasion such as an anniversary or holiday, the brand will undoubtedly have high-end classic accessories to do the job.

The brand caters to those who value ethically sourced and environmentally friendly materials. Those who want to ensure that their ring does not harm the environment or the people who mine it can rest assured that the brand takes great care to ensure the stones are from conflict-free areas.

How to use their website?

The website is simple to use. It`s clean and bright, with the sections you`d expect from an experienced jewelry retailer, such as a variety of jewelry sections, information on diamonds and jewelry, a fairly regularly updated blog, and information on how to contact them, as well as the services and guarantees they offer.

Their search function differs from that of most diamond and jewelry retailers. You can search by jewelry style, metal, and diamond or gemstone shape rather than diamond or gemstone. This is most likely because their jewelry is made to order.


The packaging appears to be of high quality and rather attractive. All boxes are made to order and are lined with faux suede, which is a nice touch. Boxes differ depending on the type of jewelry purchased, with special inserts added for earring and pendant displays.

Customer Service and Guarantees

It appears to provide their customers with a variety of guarantees. There are, for example,

Guaranteed Money Back

`You may return your item to them as sold within 60 days of receipt for a full refund or an exchange for another item, ` according to their money-back guarantee.


Customers can get diamond jewelry and engagement ring insurance from companies other than Purely Diamonds. This is aided by the valuation document that comes with each Purely Diamonds purchase.

Options for Financing

It also provides financing options, such as interest-free credit for 12 months or interest-bearing credit for 48 months.

Customer support

Their staff takes the time to go over what a customer truly wants, asking questions and offering insight, so that the best design, even if it is completely bespoke, can be achieved.

There are numerous ways to contact them, including phone and email. You can also send them messages on WhatsApp, which is a very appealing feature to provide to potential customers. In-person appointments can also be easily arranged at one of their UK-based showrooms.

Delivery time

Delivery times vary depending on customizations and whether or not the jewelry is in stock. It takes 10 to 12 business days on average to make and deliver your piece. It`s worth noting that the brand has a feature on their website that allows you to request a `date needed by` to ensure you get your product on time.


Their website features simple visual guides.

They have a selection of in-stock jewelry that can be delivered within 48 hours.

The initial clean and polish are complimentary.


The website`s prices are all in pounds.

Final thoughts

What better way to treat someone like a princess than with a stunning diamond ring? When it comes to providing high-quality jewelry, Purely Diamonds clearly has the knowledge, passion, and experience. Their website is simple and enjoyable to use, and the jeweler imagery is stunning.

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