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Its All About Fitness

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What Is Fitness?

Do we have a sense of fitness? Defining a discrete definition is somehow tricky. Fitness does not mean that you should do one hundred pull-ups and perform a long plank. No. The definition of fitness is somehow different for different people. But the first and foremost definition of fitness should be about feeling good and healthy from the inside and being sufficiently able to do activities you wish to do in life and the lifestyle you want to live.  Some people are obsessed with their physical appearance and inches only. They might sacrifice their sleep and rest to gain that so-called fitness. But eventually, it leads them to illness. Approximately 50% of youngsters are energetically active daily. When all the factors of health are adequately balanced, we will get the most advantage.

What Is Being Fit?

The definition of fitness is described as the state of being physically strong enough to live a contented life. The most important factor of achieving fitness is a healthy and premium life. The exercise involves physical activities, which increases your heart frequency surpassing its normal state and resting levels. Exercise is a significant part of taking care of your physical and mental health.

Types Of Exercises And Their Benefits

Exercise is divided into four main categories. 

1.                  Aerobic

2.                  Anaerobic

3.                  Stretching and flexibility

4.                  Agility training

Let’s take a look at their idea and benefits.


Aerobic exercises aim to improve the usage of oxygen by the body. Most of the aerobic exercises are carried out with low intensity and for more extended periods.  It involves a warm-up, and then exercise for 20 to 25 minutes, then calming the body. Aerobic exercise affects a large number of muscles. The benefits of aerobic includes:

 Improves blood circulation throughout the muscles.

·        Strengthens the lung, heart, and whole body. Lessens the risk of osteoporosis and improves bone health

·        Improves sleep

·        Improves your stamina

·        Increases number of RBCs, which ultimately improves oxygen transportation in the body

·        Minimizes the risk of stroke, diabetes, and cardio diseases

·        Enhances life expectancy

·        Controls blood pressure


People usually use anaerobic exercises to build muscle mass, strength and build power. These exercises are high-intensity exercises, which do not last for more than two minutes usually. Other exercises serve the lungs and heart, but anaerobic activity provides less benefit to cardiovascular health as compared to aerobic exercise. Anaerobic activity is more efficient for muscle strength and improving stamina as compared to aerobic.

While muscle is the most dynamic tissue for reducing fat, increasing muscle mass helps burn more fat even while resting.

Anaerobic exercises include 

·        Weight lifting

·        Isometrics

·        Interval training

·        Sprinting

·        Rapid burst f intense activity

·        Skipping rope


Some activities involve stretching and support training like yoga and gymnastics. Yoga activities improve stability, strength, flexibility, blood flow, and posture. Yoga intends to consolidate one`s body, mind, and spirit. Advanced yoga may include some combined meditation and breathing exercises.

A person with arthritis sometimes needs some moderate stretches to recover function or mobility. Depression patients can also get the perks of yoga with relaxation and deep breathing.

Pilate also promotes core strength and flexibility by stretching. Tai chi, too, is an excellent idea to improve moderate stretching rather than intense one.

Agility Training

Agility activities develop one’s control over their body while speeding up or speeding down and changing directions.

Agility training is usually given to sportspeople. They heavily rely on speed controlling, positioning, coordination and balance. The sports that require agility training are:


·        Tennis

·        Boxing/ Wrestling

·        Hockey

·        Martial arts

·        Badminton

·        Volleyball

·        Soccer

·        American football

Perils Of Not Exercising

An inactive lifestyle may lead to weaker muscles because you are not using muscles as much. Metabolism is affected, which causes trouble in breaking down fats and sugars. The immune system may not work well. It can increase the risks of premature deaths due to various reasons, including obesity and overweight. The fraction of obese and overweight people is rising rapidly globally. 2 out of 3 adults are overweight in the US. It can also raise the chance of cardiovascular disorder, unusual blood pressure, raised cholesterol, anxiety, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, osteoporosis and cancer.

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