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Healthy Diet - Healthy Life

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Eating healthy food will make you physically active and helps in weight loss even if you don`t do exercise. It helps in maintaining a healthy life style and make your everyday chores easy for you to perform. The healthier you eat the lighter you will feel physically and be at peace mentally.

Why one should eat healthy?

Eating healthy food will not only rescue you from getting chronic diseases like cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high sugar level and other fatal illnesses but it also helps you not getting severe mental problems like depression, anxiety, stress and memory loss etc.

Good diet not only save you from plenty of diseases but it also extends your life span and quality of life. It makes you strong and positive in life and you become the source of motivation for others to adopt the healthier life style. It gives you energy even in your old age and you can play with your grandchildren like a champ. If you want to read more on how to get a healthier life style by taking safe diet, the read on:

Doctor`s Recommendation:

Before taking steps into intaking healthier supplements and food one should always consult his doctor because controlling any particular food product and doing non advised exercise could be harmful if you are a heart patient or diabetic or have any sort of cancer in your body. The doctor`s recommendation should be taken seriously in this regard and the patients should follow the diet plan and prescribed exercises in order to follow a safe life style.

Calorie Count:

If you want to be healthy and sound then you should eat in proper proportions and count your calories. Every compound should be included in your diet be it carbohydrates or fat. A healthy diet is the one in which the calories are counted according to the age, weight and height of the individual and all the nutrients are included in it. The quantity of the nutrients should be controlled and the meal timings should be maintained per day.

       Fruits and Vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables are essential to be included in your diet as they are rich in minerals and sugar. If someone is cutting his sugar intake completely then berries are a good option for him to take instead of sweet fruits. If you are obese and want to lose 10-20 kgs of weight then vegetable and fruits is the most appropriate option for you. You can stir fry some vegetables you like in a little olive oil and eat it with bran bread or bread made from almond flour so that you cut out the maximum carbohydrate`s intake. You can even plan a whole diet with just fruits and vegetables. Eat the vegetables and fruits 4 times a day and your protein need will also be satisfied as some of the vegetables are enriched in fiber and protein.


People who do diet to maintain or lose their weight should take some protein in the form of meat or lentils as their one-time main course and breakfast. Boiled egg white is a healthy breakfast for an individual who doesn`t suffer from serious illness and for the main course you can have grilled chicken fillet or fish fillet along with lots of vegetables to satisfy your appetite.


Fat intake is also a need of your body. You can get a variety of options to satisfy your fat need by consuming low-fat milk, homemade cottage cheese, low fat yogurt and non-dairy products like almond milk, cashew milk, rice milk and pea milk.


Mostly Carbs are not encouraged by the professionals to consume. But if you already have a balanced weight then some eating some carbs in unrefined form and in less quantity won`t harm you. Eating whole grains is actually good for your body like one can eat whole wheat bread, brown rice and wheat oatmeal instead of eating the refined white bread and rice. Barley flour is also a good alternative for wheat flour.

       Minerals and Vitamins:

Your mineral and vitamins need of body can be fulfilled through lots of water and fruit juices. Try to make juice of those fruits which have less fructose level and enjoy your guilt free juices.

Preparing healthy meals can be a struggle for some but it is not as struggling as fighting with chronic illness is. You can make your meals at home without spending tons of money on it. Exercise is also essential with the healthy diet as your body and mind muscles need to relax every day for a while. It will help you tone your body and get you in better shape.

Consuming food in portion control is also beneficial for you. Note the in between time of every meal you take and try to elongate it for more hours. Four meals per day with 3 main meals and a snack in between is a healthy diet to follow. By following the ways mentioned you can live a healthy life.