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Beautiful Inside Out

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The world is running towards modernism. Modernism does not only count on clothes but also your skin and makeup. The industry of makeup and skincare is reviving with each passing day. Every skin is beautiful on its own, but to remain beautiful, it needs some special care, just like your other health aspects. Giving attention to your skin is way more essential for your general health rather than solely for appearance. Your skin is also essential to your general health. It will worth the time and effort to take good care of your skin daily. After skincare, makeup is the new art. The world is continuously in the race for new advanced makeup products and techniques.


Makeup and cosmetic products are used to enhance one’s features or to smooth out some discolouration or spots. They are generally chemical compounds, while some are derived naturally and some from synthetic sources. There is now an extensive range of cosmetic products available in the market. Every makeup product comes in various formulas for different skin types. Let’s take a look at some basics.

Primers are used to minimize the appearance of pores, make your makeup long-lasting and smoother application of makeup.

Concealer is used to cover any blemishes or dark spots. It provides longer-lasting and more detailed coverage.

Foundation is used to smooth out your face or, you can say, your skin. It gives your skin a blurring effect that evens out skin colouration. It may be in liquid, cream, or powder.

Contours are used to give cuts to your face making it look slimmer. It defines the face. It creates the illusion of depth on the specific areas, like under the cheekbones or chin. 

Face powder is used to seal the foundation onto your skin, giving your skin a matte look.

Rouge is also known as blushes used to bring out that peachy or pinkish colour to your cheeks.

Bronzer is applied to provide your skin with a bronzed glow, while Highlighter prominent the high parts of your features or add to the glow.

Mascara is used to thickening, lengthen and darken your eyelashes, making them look denser.

Lipstick is used to add colour to your lips, making them look plump.

Setting spray keeps your makeup set on your skin for a more extended period.


Why Is It Important?

Skincare is now part of a healthy lifestyle. Taking care of skin with hair care and oral care routine is something, which will make you better at the end of the day. Do you know why? Because you are spending some precious and worthy time with yourself. You are giving yourself the care that you deserve. It is a well-known fact that you will feel better and confident when you look better.

Prevention is always easier than tackling the problem. The same goes for the skin. Having a good amount of water intake, washing your face twice a day, applying a good moisturizer, and wearing sunscreen can help you have trouble-free skin. It can save your skin from many problems and expensive treatments though those problems are curable.

You may know people who splash some cold water on their faces, and they are good to go. But that might not be the situation for you. Everyone’s skin is different, just like the soul.

Your skin is shedding daily. It may soft and glowing today, but that doesn’t mean it will look the same tomorrow. If you don’t feed your skin well, maybe it will become dry and dull. Let’s take a look at what mistakes leads to your skin looking dull.

Moisturizer – Prevents Dehydration

Skin can become dehydrated from inside and out. If you are not feeding your skin with an efficient amount of fluid or water, your skin will eventually become flaky with time. Not moisturizing your skin with good mild moisturizers can cause dehydration from the outside. Even if your skin is not feeling dry, you should still use a moderate amount of moisturizer. Try to have more than eight glasses of water every day and moisturize it twice daily from head to toe.

Exfoliator –  Removes Dead Cells

As we mentioned above, one’s skin is constantly shedding dead cells. We would need a gentle exfoliator to remove the dead skin out of our skin. Sometimes they tend to get stick by your skin, so we need physical exfoliators like sponges, scrubs, and exfoliating brushes.

Sunscreen – Prevents Skin Damage

Pollution and UV rays can cause severe damage to your skin. The sunrays are shining down on you no matter where you live. The rays can damage your skin with free radicals, which leads to dull complexions and sunspots. In this case, sunscreen or topical antioxidants can save you.

Retinoid – Skin Rejuvenation

Our skin almost takes 28 to 30 days for a complete skin turnover. However, this process is slowed down because of various reasons like poor diet, dehydration, and sometimes ageing can be the cause. Retinoid increases the production of collagen in your skin and stimulates increased cell turnover. No doubt, retinoids can do wonders to your skin.

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