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5 In Demands Skills to Make A Career Switch

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There was a time when access to quality education was a thing for the better people of society. Then came a time of equality and standardization of public education, which granted access to education to the general public, but bullying being a major hindrance and getting access to skills in demand of the industry were still far thought of. With many graduates working in a field that was completely opposite to their education 


Only twenty-seven percent (27%, Washington Post) of the graduates pursue the career they major in. At the same time, multiple factors go into play while pursuing a career. The limited number of job opportunities is why many college graduates switch their careers. However, opting for a different bachelor`s once you are done with it can be pretty expensive and most likely add to the existing pile of student debt. With the accumulated 1.75 trillion United States dollars, student debts keep on increasing every year. An average student borrows a little over thirty thousand dollars ($30,000) to complete their bachelor`s. 


In these struggling times, Coursera comes to be the savior of the students. The organization offers more than 5000 courses to help individuals advance in their respective careers or make a career switch at a reasonable and affordable price. 


But what skills should one go for? The job market is changing, and here are the six fields you should definitely consider if you are looking to make a career switch. As there are plenty of jobs available in the industry, but you can land yourself an entry-level position by completing the online education available at Coursera.


Data Analyst 


The most searched and termed as the sexiest job of the 21st-century data analyst seems to be an excellent option for people with a knack for numbers, great with statistics, and familiar with programming. 


Data is the foundation of any organization. Analysation, interpretation, and deriving meaningful conclusions from the available data are at the heart of many IT firms and businesses. The need for analytical skills and their integration in today`s business world is always growing as many rely on the available data to predict consumer behaviors, analyze existing problems, and find solutions to pre-existing problems. With an entry-level position as a data analyst earning about $64,051 United States dollars according to statistics. (Glassdoor)


Software Development


More and More businesses are trying to integrate technology and the internet into their organization. To make the businesses more fruitful. They definitely require people who are skilled in maintaining, developing, and improvising their technological framework. 

Software engineers are relied upon for building a framework that can aid organizations in managing their day-to-day tasks. They are also looked up to for engineering, monitoring, and controlling existing technological systems. An average entry-level software developer can expect to make around USD 62,379 per year. 


User Interface


With the development of technology, it is essential for businesses to also navigate users around the software. The user interface designers are responsible for creating easy-to-navigate software for different types of digital products, including websites, applications, and other interactive platforms. Covering the whole interactive experience that takes place on a online business platform. If not done right can result in unsatisfied customers and decrease the goodwill of the company. Businesses rely on user interface designers for higher ROIs and more client retention. User interface design is one of the most sought-after skills nowadays, with an entry-level making $66,074 USD per year.


Project Manager


Different organizations work on different structures. With more and more work nowadays being short term and project based with tighter deadlines and quotations of budgets. 


The companies rely on the expertise of project managers for managing and organizing calendars and deciding budgets for the relevant projects while maintaining effective communication with project stakeholders along the process. 


As you move up to managerial positions in the industry, the skills taught in the project management certification can become absolutely essential to move up the corporate ladder. The main ingredients are leadership, resilience, communication, and good organization, which are the core values of a good employer. 


Nonetheless, it can also be pursued as a career option while acquiring the same skill set. An entry-level employee can expect to make about USD 65,590 per year.

Content Creation and Management


Content marketing is at the core of any business. Businesses need people who are not only experts in researching and drafting clear marketing copies but also in what kind of content will produce efficient results. 


The art of storytelling and creative skills are two main aspects that people looking to make a career in content marketing should inhibit. Familiarity with society standards and emotional intelligence are also a plus. Once you are proficient with content marketing and management skills, you can take these skills up a notch by learning data analytics. As it will only help you draft better marketing copies, but with better user understanding, you will be able to focus your energy on the specific market.


Just because these are highly demanded skills, it does not mean you have to opt for these skills only. With Coursera, a wide variety of subjects, there are various certifications and micro degrees you can opt for to enhance your pre-existing skill, get familiar with the new methodologies, and how to integrate those advancements into your current field of work.